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1-800-903-1675 Description Saxon Math 8/7 with Pre-Algebra is an integrated mathematics program that consists of 12 daily lessons and 12 activity-based Investigations. Students are


Saxon Math Homeschool

Math 8/7 is the culmination of Saxon Math Homeschool for Middle Grades, reviewing arithmetic calculation, measurements, basic geometry, and other foundational concepts and skills. At the

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Customer reviews

If you are struggling with math, then this is the app for you. Helping me study for the GRE, it helps me to understand my math homework easily because it has step by step solution. That means that the app is just getting more and more capable.

Keith Collins

I am in 9th standard and I clear my all doubts by this app. This app has been super helpful and the way it explains how to do problems is simple and really easy to follow and understand, a definite 5 out 5 stars. I was able to pass and ixl in 3 minutes, and it was a word problems one. Amazing app, really works, multiple choices for answers and the camera is amazing, highly recommended.

George Brinkley

I love taking photos of the problems abg getting the answer right away, the photo aspect is impressive but even typing in maths problems can be a great aid to learning as it shows the steps very clearly (plus more such as graphs where applicable).

Eugene Lee


Saxon Math 8/7 With Pre-Algebra: Homeschool Kit

Algebra 1/2 focuses on developing skills that prepare students for algebra. The pre-algebra content is more extensive than the pre-algebra content of Math 8/7; however, the scope is narrower. You can see an online preview of Saxon Math